New PNW (Pacific NorthWest) Lessons learned in the past ten days:

  • California Leaf blowers can be used to blow PMW snow  (not that I've tried it, but saw my neighbor doing so as George left on his walk to the post office)
  • Go shopping way in advance of snow hitting ...When the news is talking about a severe winter storm, you may be the person who goes the day before the storm-wrong!  well--that's too late.  I got the last 2 russet potatoes, no lettuce, a few tomatoes, no other fresh veggies - and don't get me started on the other scarce items like eggs, bread, milk and the canned soup aisle was BARE except for clam chowder.
  • Have an alternative food cooking source - it's all electric up here.  So we were smart enough many days before the storm to go to Big 5 and buy a propane bottle camp stove. 
  • Retrieve the propane heater former owners left in garden house when they left-- now we know why and it still works.
  • So far, we have not lost power or heat!
  • When you fall down in the snowy driveway - seize the "snow angel" excuse
  • 60 degrees inside is VERY VERY warm compared to 21 outside. 
  • Multi-layers is a daily routine - inside!
  • Add 30 minutes to dressing to go out to the mailbox -- if they deliver... the neither "rain, sleet or snow" isn't part of our street's service - but UPS & FedEx trucks manage our hill.
  • Snow days turn our street (hill) into a wonderful bobsled course for all the kids and many adults from around town.
  • THANK your internet provider over and over -- as long as the power holds
  • Try to believe the "long-time locals" when they tell you, "this is really unusual - haven't had snow like this in February for decades!"
  • We're blessed to wake up and find neighbors have shoveled out your car and walkway
  • We're blessed to see winter beauty from inside our warm home, with plenty to eat.
Well, enough musing for now, will go start some tea for when my abdominal snowman returns!