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  1. Electrical Panel Warning Sign
  2. WA-State-MYN-Discussion_Guide.pdf
    Personal Emergency Supplies
  3. The Department of Emergency Management Information Tips:
    1. Basic All Hazards Preparedness
    2. Prepared not scared - what to do during an earthquake
    3. Be Prepared Not Scared - Earthquake - Tsunami Safety
    4. Emergency Pet Supplies Checklist
    5. Keeping your home safe and warm
    6. Gather emergency disaster supplies
    7. Candle with care
    8. Prepared not scared - Preparing for the rain
    9. Staying informed during a disaster
    10. Preparing your neighborhood and workplace
    11. Life saving skills to learn
    12. Preparing for a power outage
    13. Be prepared for winter driving
    14. Now that you're prepared, learn how you can help others
    15. Index to Prepared Not Scared series
  4. WA-State-MYN-Facilitator-Leader-Tracking-Sheet.pdf
  5. WA-State-MYN-Map-Your-Neighborhood-Review-2016.pdf
  6. WA-State-MYN-Discussion_Guide.pdf
  7. WA Map Your Neighborhood
    Overview of MYN (PDF)
9 Steps to take immediately following a disaster:
  1. Take care of your love ones.
  2. Dress for safety. Hard hat, sturdy shoes, leather gloves.
  3. Check the natural gas or propane at your home. Shut off if necessary
  4. Shut off water at the house main.
  5. Place the Hel or OK sign on your front door or window. Posting the sign helps your neighbors locate those who need help first.
  6. Put your fire extinguisher on the sidewalk or where neighbors can see it.
  7. After completing steps 1 -6 go to the Neighborhood meeting place. For the Matson Street Neighborhood the meeting place is in the middle of the street between 721 Matson and 734 Matson.
  8. Form teams at the Neighborhood Gathering Site:
    1. Team 1 will listen to the Emergency Alert System (AM/FM radio)
    2. Team 2 will check on neighbors who are elderly, those with a disability, or homes with unattended children.
    3. Team 4 will check all natural gas meters,furance oil tanks and propane tanks, and shut off the gas only if necessary
    4. Team 3 will check on all homes with the "Help" card displayed or with no card showing. Be prepared to give first aid.
  9. After your Team has completed its work, go back to the Neighborhood Gathering Site. Share what you have done with the rest of your neighbors.

Minutes of Past Meetings: