Daniels' Graves at Rose Hills on Sunny Slope

Rose Hills Catherine's headstone missing 2 resizeYesterday we went to Rose Hills to place flowers on the Daniels family graves. What is always shocking is how the area where the family graves are located are not well keep up. As a matter of fact, our grandmother’s Catherine Daniels’ headstone has disappeared. Lucile’s grave is covered with a swamp and our mother’s grave is sliding into the collapsed grave next to hers. The Sunny Slopes section of Rose Hills has been ignored and they only water the lawn and mow the grass. Edging the headstones is a thing of the past.   It is understandable since almost no one from the public visits the Sunny Slopes area. Out of the thousands of grave sites in the area, only the Daniel’s family and three other families had flowers placed on their graves.

Apparently, the words “Maintained in Perpetuity" doesn’t mean that the cemetery will continue to maintain the grounds forever. I guess that is called PROGRESS unfortunately.



May 30, 2022
Ron Bowers